Enfocus solutions for Large Format printers.

Goodbye costly challenges, hello profitability & customer satisfaction. Enfocus solutions offer you a way forward so you can:

  • Free up production time and maximize your output
  • Avoid material loss and costly reprints
  • Grow your business with scalable solutions

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Enfocus solutions automate the tasks that cost you time and money


Grommet holes

Add grommet marks to your files. Number of marks and distance are calculated automatically.


Split PDFs in slices

Automatically split up a billboard design into slices.



Convert native files to PDF

We've got all major native formats covered: InDesign, Word, Illustrator, Quark, etc.


Find and fix errors in PDF files

Don't let small mistakes become big problems. Our solutions check PDF files for errors and fixes them automatically.



From WeTransfer to your workflow

Automatically download large files through WeTransfer.


Add bleed to PDF files

Don't lose time fixing one of the most common errors in print production.


Add cutting marks

Automatically correct all page boxes and printer marks.


Separate dielines

Automatically detect dielines and put them in another file. That way you have a file with designs for your printer and a file with dielines for your cutter.



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How large format printers benefit from Enfocus solutions


Receive error-free PDFs right from the start

  • Automatically calculate and add grommet marks
  • Analyze incoming jobs and recommend the best suited device
  • Split large banners into multiple parts based on your specifications


PDF Quality Control (Preflight)

  • Find errors in PDF files before they are printed and avoid costly reprints
  • Automatically fix common errors
  • Run self-created macros on any PDF file


Integrate and connect

  • Integrate industry renowned solutions in an automated workflow
  • Allow your clients to add metadata to jobs upon submission


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 What customers say


"If we compare this to the period before Enfocus solutions, we're now processing double the files with the same number of people. So productivity has grown by 100%."

Gerd Mouton, management, 3Motion


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Our products




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PitStop Pro

  • Checks and fixes any incoming PDF file to make sure it outputs like intended
  • Lets you edit almost anything in a PDF file
  • Avoids costly reprints and keeps production moving

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PitStop Server

  • Deals with high-volume PDF quality control and auto-correction
  • Fits seamlessly into Switch
  • Frees up your staff for work you can actually bill your clients for

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  • Delivers PDF files automatically to the right location with the correct output specifications
  • Allows your clients to add metadata to files
  • Avoids multiple proofing and approval cycles

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