Online Proofing API

Build the Enfocus PDF Review Module into your solution


What is the PDF Review Module?

Our online proofing solution completely automates the online proofing process. Your customers can view a PDF proof in a browser window, without the need to install any software.

  • Removes the need for manual PDF proof handling
  • Sends a link via email with no user management required
  • Customer inspects proofs on any device using a browser



Online proofing customer experience


Who should use the PDF Review Module API?

The PDF Review Module API is made available to OEM Technology Partners who wish to make automated online PDF proofing available to their own customers and within their own developed solutions. 


Why use the PDF Review Module API?

A customizable toolset is built into the user interface, making your end customer experience tailored to their skill set.

  • Separation view
  • Zoom / pan tool
  • Densitometer
  • Layer view
  • Document Information
  • Format Information, based on PitStop technology
  • Wireframe view
  • Ink Coverage overlay
  • Sticky Note, using standard PDF sticky notes, with the ability to save comments as Switch metadata
  • View as spreads
  • View Preflight Report

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