Apogee PDF & Proof

Agfa Graphics' proofing solutions work in tandem with Agfa Graphics' workflow solutions to guarantee digital file integrity throughout the workflow. Apogee PDF & Proof provides fully integrated PDF creation using a single graphical user interface. It's intuitive and therefore easy to learn and use. It comes with advanced tools that help you manage PDF creation, preflighting, trapping, proofing, and the export of workflow optimized PDF files, all from one central place. An integrated Flattener automatically resolves transparencies that are found in PDF files, and lets you generate and export certified PDF files to remote production facilities in different PDF formats. Without compromise it also allows you to export JDF files for reliable exchange of the PDF pages with remote production centers.

Apogee Manage

Apogee Manage gives you exactly what you need to manage your complete prepress workflow simply and reliably. It comes with advanced tools to handle PDF creation, page management, preflighting, imposition, plate-making and can also include proofing and trapping. Because it is so easy to learn and use, you'll benefit immediately from a streamlined and truly integrated prepress workflow. Apogee Manage provides a complete solution that runs on a single platform. It integrates powerful tools normally found only in high-priced production systems. Its intuitive drag-and-drop user interface lets you graphically create a production plan. The resulting job ticket will contain all necessary information to manage all different processes of prepress production reliably and efficiently.