Océ PRISMAproduction Server

Océ PRISMAproduction Server is Océ's core platform for high-end production printing. Océ PRISMAproduction Server is a high performance output and workflow management system for corporate and commercial market segments doing mid- to very high-volume transactional or graphic arts document production printing. This platform is designed to maximize automation of the entire process chain, starting with a wide variety of input channels, via sophisticated pre-press steps, smart spooling and printer management to comprehensive accounting and data logging in order to gain the best possible efficiency for the customer. Océ PRISMAproduction Server manages a wide variety of digital production printing systems, spanning the full gamut of output speeds from some one hundred pages per minute up to several thousand pages per minute.
For the fully automated pre-flight of PDF data, Océ PRISMAproduction makes use of the fully integrated Enfocus PitStop Server to check for inappropriate files and to perform auto-corrections based on the PitStop action list, if necessary.