Christian Blaise

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Christian Blaise has 30 years of experience in the Graphic Arts industry. With his in-depth knowledge of the graphic supply chain market and his strong technical and technological expertise, he is one of the most recognized experts of the market. His original background (pre-press and printing production, brand owner and graphic solutions vendor) allows him to have the most global view possible of the graphic chain and to understand the needs and expectations of all the players in the chain.

Christian runs agileStreams, a consulting company specialized in project management and automation, and has held several roles at Nestlé, Enfocus, Gap Systems and Société Alsacienne d’Aluminum (now Amcor). He is Marketing Officer of the Ghent Workgroup where he also serves as co-chairman of the Packaging & the Cross-Media SubCommittees.

Blog posts by Christian Blaise

26 May 2020

How to handle special characters in filenames using Switch

There are many cases where filenames can generate problems, especially between different operating systems (e.g. Mac or Windows) or when transferring files to a webserver. In particular, spaces, special characters, or diacritics in filenames can be wrongly translated or even avoid file saving.