Piet De Pauw

After obtaining a bachelor's degree in Graphic Arts, Piet started his career as a software support engineer at Esko. This immediately made him realize the vital importance of automation.

Passionate about the web, he became an online marketer at Thomas More university college, gained a lot of experience in marketing and re-joined Esko in the Enfocus business unit.

Blog posts by Piet De Pauw

12 Feb 2017

These 6 trends are shaping the future of print

“We always hear print is dead, but the truth is print is very viable. It’s not just about ‘how many pieces of paper can I get off the end of the press’ anymore. It’s about looking what’s out there, being creative and using print to add value in so many different areas”, print industry experts Cary Sherburne and David Zwang concluded during the Enfocus’ Virtual Safari 3.0 after having attended drupa 2016. This article provides an overview of the most innovative print technologies and trends they spotted.