Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Enfocus announces partnership with e-Cervo, providing CervoPrint web-to-print users automated PDF preflight and correction

The partnership between Enfocus and e-Cervo strengthens the relationship between the print buyer and the production.

Enfocus, the leading provider of PDF preflight, correction and editing solutions for the past 15 years to the printing and publishing industries, is pleased to announce a technology partnership with e-Cervo. With this agreement, e-Cervo now includes PitStop as an embedded component of CervoPrint, its flagship web-to-print solution. Available as an option in its current version CervoPrint Gen4, PitStop will be included as a standard functionality in the upcoming new CervoPrint generation that is to be released in the last semester of 2015.

CervoPrint is a total solution that controls the printing jobs and the production management. CervoPrint meets the needs of companies that are eager to optimize the management of an integrated publishing center and of print service providers who wish to facilitate the relationship between their professionals and their current customers. CervoPrint is also available as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution through My-printshop.net and as a white label.


What added value will Enfocus PitStop bring to CervoPrint?


"A few years ago, converting source files to a PDF format was a problematic issue, whether being created by the print buyer, due to applications used within the printshop or generated within a web-to-print solution. Creating a PDF is now trivial even for a novice user. CervoPrint offers off-the-shelf online conversion solutions that allow end-users to easily create and share PDF files. One of the ongoing production problems for the CRD or for the external provider is the quality of the submitted PDF. By integrating Enfocus PitStop in our CervoPrint workflow, we bring a reliable answer that guarantees the exchanges between the client and the service provider.”

Jean-Marc Goldstein, director of e-Cervo


"Print buyers submitting jobs through a web-to-print solution expect fast delivery of the final product and often in the highest possible quality. To avoid any costly production stops or print re-runs, it is therefore important that PDF files are created correctly so that the quality of the end product can be guaranteed. For this reason, e-Cervo has chosen to integrate our industry leading PitStop PDF preflight and correction solution in CervoPrint. Users now have the assurance that the PDF files that they receive from their print buyer through the web-upload in CervoPrint are automatically checked at the beginning of the workflow and before the files enter into the prepress. For maximum productivity, users can also choose to have PitStop automatically correct the issues to avoid any stop in the workflow so they can meet the expected delivery time and quality."

Angelo Manno, Global OEM & Strategic Accounts Manager, Enfocus