Integrated imposition automation


Imposition is one of the single most important processes in print production. Switch integrates with imposition solutions that are already in place.

Switch allows you to:

  • Intelligently control batching, ganging and routing of jobs
  • Integrate best-in-class imposition solutions
  • Report status to MIS
  • Take advantage of PDF/JDF smart job instructions


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Collaboration simplifies integration


  • Seamless connectivity between imposition and production.
  • Keep your jobs moving in a consistent, reliable and efficient way.
  • Use your existing imposition solution.


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Integration partners

Imposition software developers work collaboratively with Enfocus to develop smooth integrations with their solutions. Integrating with an imposition package keeps jobs moving through to output. The flexibility of Switch to track jobs and communicate to devices and subsystems makes it ideal for getting files to their output destination as expected.








"We have brought in a lot of automation solutions. In the end, Switch has replaced just about everything we've been using.
It allows us to automatically get files in, prepress them, impose them, and get them to our presses."

Diego Diaz, Production Manager,


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