PitStop Pro 10 release notes


This document describes the most important new features.


  • PitStop Pro 10: This is a major upgrade for existing versions of PitStop Professional.

Major new features

- Redesign QuickRuns:

  • Preset manager within the Enfocus processing panel
  • Able to make QuickRun with Global Changes

- Running of Preflight Profiles in check-only mode

- Enhanced color handling

  • Color management presets and preset manager
  • Support of black point compensation

- Easier access to Action Lists with new UI

  • Ability to group Actions
  • Ability to import Action Lists
  • New Action Lists available (Add page to document, Convert all RGB to CMYK, Remap to clean up black, Remap spot to own alternate CMYK values, Minimum File Size, ...)

- Re-engineered Design Layout

  • shortcuts have been added to work faster with guides
  • edit tools have been added to change Design Layout and Page Box Layout

- New global change has been added

  •  Minimize File Size

- Update in GWG 1v4 preflight profiles to improve the fixes.

  • New profiles no longer perform fixes for image resolution.
  • Some corrections were made regarding the output intent fixes set in the PDF/X-1a fixes.

- Installation of Adobe CMM engine

- Redesign of color picker

  • Better handling of color libraries

  • Ability to import libraries

- New ink coverage checking

- Better handling of black


  • PitStop Pro 10, update 1: This is a free update for existing PitStop Pro 10 users


New features

- Support of PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-2b, PDF/A-2u in Preflight Profile category
- Updated PDF/X-4:2010
- Support of Adobe® Acrobat® X


  •  PitStop Pro 10, update 2: This is a free update for existing PitStop Pro 10 users


New iPad Features

- New action for Rasterizing Complex Graphics in PDF
- Checking if URLs point to a 'live' website


- PRN 58217: When you opened a PDF in the browser, the browser crashed when closing the PDF
- PRN 58374: Optimizations in PDF/A fixes
- PRN 58270: Log Message about alternate of image is adjusted for better comprehension.
- Several other bug fixes

  •  PitStop Pro 10, update 3: This is a free update for existing PitStop Pro 10 users

New Features

- Support for Mac OS X Lion (10.7)
- New Channel Remap and more power, control and flexibility with respect to color conversion
- Improved functionality within the “Snap color to color set” Action, allowing users to replace a specific CMYK color with a spot color, or vice versa
- Dutch language pack available


- PRN 58549: Able to edit page boxes based on the selection in the Enfocus Inspector.
- PRN 58784: Global Change - Remap Colors Global Change will keep the spot color tint value when selecting it through Color Picker
- Several other bug fixes