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Three ways to increase productivity today without adding staff

Many print service providers are struggling with staffing shortages. Without the ability to hire more help, getting more productivity out of existing staff is extremely important. In this presentation we’ll look tasks you may be doing today that waste time along with ways to increase productivity today using cloud-based job on-boarding and customer collaboration tools.

This will include covering issues such as the pitfalls of using email for print job review and approval. How to organize your customer requests, stop chasing down customers, and ways to stop interrupting prepress just to know if a file is printable or not. In addition, we will also cover common hurdles many printers experience when working with new technologies and steps you can take to be more successful when on-boarding new solutions.

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About Michael Reiher

Michael Reiher has been in the graphic arts industry for over 30 years. Trained in traditional photo mechanical graphic arts, Michael join the software industry early in his career. Michael was co-founder of the Aldus prepress group, and the father of Aldus PressWise imposition software in 1992. Throughout his career, he has focused on delivering innovative solutions for print production. Michael most recently co-founded Good2Go Software and is driving his vision to deliver open, and easy to use, collaboration and production tools for the graphic arts industry.