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Douglas Gibson

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Join Douglas Gibson, Managing Director of Infigo Software, as he’ll take you through all the new innovations introduced at drupa for their dynamic portal offering — Catfish — and how these new technologies and features can improve your on-line print business. 

This includes new innovations such as

  • a dynamic theming engine allowing client feedback to adjust layouts in an instant through the introduction of dynamic CSS.
  • Integrated MIS plug-ins for many popular MIS solutions such as Tharsten, Optimus, Imprint and more.
  • As well as many other enhancements designed to improve the user experience and automate a print workflow.

About Catfish

Catfish, is the software solution designed to provide the front door to a new opportunity for print. From the moment the client requests a job to the time that they receive it in their hands Catfish improves the client journey while automating your print business! Bringing together multiple systems and disciplines into a single and easy to use portal!


About Douglas Gibson

Douglas Gibson established ISL www.infigosoftware.com in 2010 as an independent company to propel adoption of the Webtoprint. Since its launch in October 2007, Infigo has achieved a significant foothold across commercial print markets. Now extending into the exciting areas of Photo gifting and marketing solutions.