EFI Fiery Workflow Suite

Enfocus works closely with EFI to maximize the productivity and quality that users can achieve with the Fiery Workflow Suite. Fiery Workflow Suite is a comprehensive set of integrated products that enable print businesses to produce more with streamlined and automated workflows, quickly adapt to changing customer demands, and grow with new higher-profit, value-added services.

EFI Fiery JobFlow

Enfocus and EFI have been working together closely to integrate PitStop preflighting and editing capabilities into Fiery JobFlow. Fiery® JobFlow is a browser-based prepress workflow solution that enables users to easily configure and automate job workflows. It consists of modules that enable PDF conversion, preflight, PDF files editing, image enhancement, document imposition, approval and job ticketing. Fiery JobFlow integrates PitStop smart preflighting, correction and optimization capabilities, plus it provides a full-featured version of PitStop Pro for interactive editing. Save time and reduce rework with these two powerful solutions.

EFI Fiery JobMaster

Enfocus works closely with EFI to integrate PitStop PDF editing technology into EFI Fiery JobMaster. Fiery® JobMaster provides advanced PDF-based make-ready functions. Intuitive document assembly includes fully visual tab insertion and design, media assignment, page numbering, finishing and scanning, plus powerful late-stage editing features using PitStop Edit.

EFI Fiery Impose

Enfocus works closely with EFI to incorporate PitStop PDF editing technology within EFI Fiery Impose. Fiery Impose is an intuitive PDF-based imposition solution, streamlines and automates the job setup process. Its tight integration with Fiery Command WorkStation®, make-ready and prepress tools increase production efficiency. Users can see actual page content in the selected imposition signatures and save imposed files in PDF format for archiving and proofing outside the Fiery workflow, and use Enfocus PitStop Edit to make last-minute changes and corrections to the file.

EFI Fiery Compose

Enfocus works closely with EFI to incorporate PitStop PDF editing technology within Fiery Compose, which provides a single, integrated window to manage tabs, specify media, apply last minute edits and assign multiple finishing requirements within a document set, while taking advantage of the fully automated digital printing process to produce finished documents with minimal operator intervention.