Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Enfocus announces PitStop 2017, the most powerful and technically advanced PDF preflight and correction solution available on the market today

New PDF Geomapper technology

PitStop 2017 introduces a new and innovative technology, extending the possibilities of preflight and correction by allowing unique new ways for objects to be selected or ignored.

An example would be configuring preflight checks to check only the objects needed to render or print a PDF file. Any additional hidden or unneeded elements can be ignored or even removed, greatly reducing the complexity of files, and false error messages, which might stop a file in production without reason.

Initial implementations of this new technology were first seen in the Drupa release of PitStop to help reduce the amount of false error messages. Introduced as a market-leading first in Preflight, checks could be restricted to within an irregular shape such as a cutline or structural design information.

Expanding the PDF Geomapper technology, Enfocus continues to deliver market unique solutions by allowing decisions to be made based not just on a single object, but also by taking into account other objects, underlying or overlapping the original.

”The new PDF Geomapper technology opens up an exciting new world of possibilities for preflight checking and correction. For example, a text segment can be preflighted based on its legibility, by checking the color of any objects underneath it.”

Andrew Bailes-Collins, Senior Product Manager at Enfocus


Other additional new functionality

Devicelink profiles
PitStop Pro and PitStop Server includes the addition of 40 Devicelink profiles based on standard ICC profiles, to help users with CMYK-CMYK color conversions. These are useful for managing ink coverage, and the conversion of PDF files from one printing condition to another, e.g. Fogra to GRACoL or SWOP and vice versa. These high-quality profiles have been made available with the support of Enfocus’ sister company X-Rite, leveraging its position as a Danaher company.

Check for Ink Coverage
Particularly useful for customers in packaging, labels and large format, the check for Ink Coverage has been improved so that it can work with selected inks and ignore named separations such as ‘white’ or ‘varnish’. This results in a more accurate check as only the actual printing inks will be used.

New Inspector interface
PitStop Pro includes a new Inspector interface for analyzing and editing page and transparency groups directly within the PDF file. There are also new Action Lists for customer requested functionality, such as automatically generating round cornered rectangles (for dielines) and new ways of modifying page sizes and objects within a PDF file.

New PDF Report
A new PDF Report function is available for validating the presence and configuration of layers within a PDF file, and new checks and fixes are available within the Preflight Profile Editor.

Other improvements and updates
Improved cut/copy/paste and add copied graphic functionality.
The Adobe transparency flattener within PitStop Server has been updated to the latest version, and Mac OSX Sierra and Windows 10 anniversary update are now officially supported.

Enfocus rewards its loyal customers

The name change to PitStop 2017 signals a move to an annual release cycle and introduces changes to the upgrade, pricing and support policies.

Customers under maintenance will automatically receive the new PitStop 2017 license upon release.

Customers buying a new PitStop 13 license from now until the release of PitStop 2017, will automatically also receive a license for PitStop 2017 that they can use when it is available.

For PitStop 13 users without a maintenance contract, the most cost effective way to upgrade to PitStop 2017 is by taking out an annual maintenance contract now. This offer is only available until the release of PitStop 2017.

Customers on older versions also have the opportunity to take out a maintenance contract prior to release, but they must upgrade to the current PitStop 13 version first to be able to do so.

Purchasing a maintenance contract is the most cost effective way to automatically receive major PitStop upgrade versions. From the day PitStop 2017 is released, only maintenance contract customers and customers who obtained PitStop licenses through subscription may contact Enfocus directly for priority support through the Enfocus support portal. Priority support includes a response within 1 business day.

Customers without a maintenance contract can only look for answers to their questions by consulting the “Known issues and solutions” webpage, found on the Enfocus website, or seek help from fellow users on the Enfocus community forum.

Customers wishing to receive an even faster response time (within 6 business hours) and who want to be able to call Enfocus directly, can do so by purchasing a premium maintenance contract.

PitStop users are advised to evaluate their upgrade options available to them by consulting their local Enfocus reseller.

PitStop 2017 will be released in April 2017.