Thursday, August 28, 2014

Enfocus demonstrates Must See ‘ems award-winning Switch 12 update 2, and newest versions of the Connect and flagship PitStop families at Graph Expo

Ghent, Belgium - Enfocus today announces it will showcase its full suite of award-winning software for the Graph Expo crowd at booth 535, McCormick Place Chicago, on September 28-October 1, 2014. Attendees will see the Must See ‘ems 2014 award-winning solution, Enfocus Switch, Update 2; brand new, popular PitStop Font Fix; the Connect 12 product family; and the world’s leading PDF preflight and editing solution, PitStop Pro.

Enfocus Switch 12 update 2 – Must See ‘ems Award Winner

Enfocus’ expert development team has long recognized that companies have had a difficult time finding tools to connect folders that can interface and/or exchange data with each other.

Enfocus Switch, the first automated, rules-based pipeline workflow solution, has become the "glue" that supports connections and multi-process automation in thousands of workflows around the world. 

Switch is the only modular and affordable solution specifically built to connect folders within workflows; seamlessly integrating existing systems and connecting different applications and steps to process files. This Switch integration saves time, money, and resources; and makes better use of employees' efforts in companies, large and small.


“We are proud that our Switch 12 update 2 technology has been recognized as a solution worthy of the coveted Must See ‘ems distinction. Anyone who uses our products, or is familiar with the Enfocus name; knows that our technology is built specifically to satisfy customer needs. We listen intently to customer feedback, to continuously build the most necessary functionality into each new update. It seems we’ve ‘won’ them over with our latest Switch update, and we couldn’t be more pleased that the judges were cognizant of the benefits, as well.”

Fabian Prudhomme, Vice President, Enfocus


Switch 12 update 2 customer-rich features

Customers’ most-requested features have been included in the new Switch 12 update 2, with added color identification of folders and connections topping the list.  This feature improves usability, allowing users to clearly distinguish between input and network folders, and between different connections. As a result, Switch’s more complex workflows can be deciphered, even at scaled down sizes such as those on laptops.

Additional customer-requested features include more control over changes made with Remote Designer, and the ability to better document flows by adding descriptions to each element, connection, and tool utilized.


Newly released – and already popular - PitStop Font Fix!

Graph Expo attendees will also see new PitStop Font Fix, the already popular free Adobe® Acrobat® plug-in that checks and replaces fonts missing from PDF files. PitStop Font Fix is available free for customers who share relevant thoughts on social media. 

PitStop Font Fix is the result of an agreement between Enfocus and Monotype, a leading global provider of typefaces, technology and expertise. Users can check their PDFs for missing fonts and make simple corrections. If fonts are missing, users simply embed them from fonts available on their system, or download from Monotype Baseline™, a cloud-based font library which holds over 60,000 fonts.


Enfocus Connect 12 Product Family

The Enfocus Connect 12 product family, of which Connect ALL was selected a Must See ‘ems winner in 2013; will also be showcased at Graph Expo.  Enfocus Connect combines PDF creation with PitStop preflighting and optimization, as well as job ticketing and file transfer, all in a drag-and-drop function to make sure the designer provides the cross-media publisher with a Certified PDF every time.

Connect is available in three editions: Connect YOU for individual users, and two versions for companies that need to collaborate with many internal and external users: Connect ALL and Connect SEND. The Connect application is used to define and create Connectors. Connectors are easy-to-use applets that sit on customers’ computer desktops, and include all the technology required to automatically deliver production-ready jobs to remote locations.


Private booth demonstrations

To reserve a booth appointment for a private demonstration on any, or all, of the latest product developments from Enfocus, please book via this link.