Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Enfocus launches Reporting Module for Switch

Enfocus, an Esko company, is proud to announce the release of the Reporting Module for Switch 2018, the latest version of its automation solution for the professional print market.

Building on our promise of offering Switch users more production transparency across their workflows, the new module will not only provide more visibility but also offer a fully customizable experience to users.

This new tool can be used across the whole organization, providing both management and production teams an in-depth view of their live production. At each stage of the production workflow, job files can be monitored, in detail, via the fully customizable dashboard. At any given moment, the company can quickly locate jobs and pinpoint bottlenecks. Furthermore, the module also stores historical data for future reference.

“This is important as it enables tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs) to drive continuous efficiency improvements throughout the entire production flow.”

Toon Van Rossum, Product Manager, Enfocus


Production transparency through a customizable experience

Instead of a fixed view, the Switch 2018 Reporting Module is about providing users with a unique, customized experience based on their unique production workflows.

“I’ve never seen two identical Switch installations; every customer is different. And, given that Switch is the most open and customizable automation solution on the market, we needed to deliver a dashboard that allows for a high level of customization, so that each user only sees what they want to see.” explains Van Rossum. 

With customizable boards, users set their own KPIs to manage and optimize production. Since the data that is presented is based on the user’s specific environment, it is easier to achieve faster turnaround times and enhanced production efficiency.

“Overall, this new module provides users with an easy-to-use tool to see exactly what their Switch is doing at all times. It enables production teams to identify problem jobs and peaks in production much more efficiently. It will also help management to fully understand the benefits of automation and what it provides to their organization.” concludes Toon.

Major Benefits

Throughout the beta testing period, our users identified many benefits. Here are the Top five benefits of using the Reporting Module. With the Switch 2018 Reporting Module Users can now:

  1. Optimize the use of Switch throughout the entire production workflow using live data
  2. Easily customize the dashboard to show specific production data
  3. Visualize the current state of the production and identify status of each job
  4. Identify production trends and peaks using current and historical data
  5. Show the value Switch brings, making it easier to quantify and communicate the benefits of automation to management

Additional APIs

The release of Enfocus Switch 2018 Update1 also features three new APIs:

  1. Developers will now be able to access all the data from the dashboard with a new API in the reporting module
  2. As part of the Switch Core, a new API gives access to the job information used by the Job Boards
  3. Switch Client users now have access to the Switch Helper application API, a feature request from users who developed their own solution on the existing Switch Job Client API!

The reporting module is free to try for 30 days for all users running Switch 2018 update1.