Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Enfocus Leads the way in PDF and Workflow Automation Solutions at PRINT®18

Product Line

Enfocus continues to push further ahead as each entry on the Enfocus roster gets a new version emboldened with impressive new features for print service providers of all sizes.

  • PitStop 2018 — the solution for quality control, correction and editing of PDF files.
  • Switch 2018 — the platform on which workflow automation is built.
  • Connect 2018 — the gateway for print-ready PDF files.

PitStop Pro 2018 – which is available as an Adobe Acrobat plugin – is bursting with new features. The latest version is all about making life easier, saving time and providing additional advanced editing functionality for images, graphics, text and even shadings. PitStop Pro 2018 ensures a print-ready PDF file every time!

PitStop Server 2018 enables you to automatically check and fix multiple PDF files without human intervention. Automation without integrated quality control is a liability, making PitStop Sever an essential component of any automated prepress workflow.

“These major releases will greatly improve the prepress process. The beta testing has been so impressive and the feedback we have received tells us that this is our strongest launch ever. There are several unique features and improvements that will make life a lot easier, save time and ultimately enable a much smoother prepress department!”

Andrew Bailes-Collins, Senior Product Manager, Enfocus


From gaining detailed production insight through the new dashboard feature, to simplifying the creation of Action Lists and powerful new editing tools, PitStop 2018 users will have the most advanced PDF preflight and editing tool on the market.

One of the key new features of PitStop 2018 is the Action List Visualizer. Action Lists automate sequences of changes to a PDF file, they allow users a high level of flexibility to create their own customized preflight checks, fixes and edits.  Action Lists can be created for individual jobs or customers to improve the production process and reduce the need for operators to manually select and correct elements of a PDF. With the new visualizer feature for Action Lists, it’s all about saving time and making life easy! In PitStop 2018 users can now easily see what an Action List is doing step-by-step, enabling them to swiftly identify and resolve challenges within an Action List, and lowering the technical knowledge required to get the most benefit out of this powerful functionality.

PitStop 2018 makes even more advances by introducing the ability to Hard Crop Line Art, Generate Barcodes; has Improved Line Art Editing Tools, New Pantone Functionality and better Integration with Switch.

Switch 2018 – the automation solution for print professionals reflects the changing needs of the market, where limitations within a workflow are now a thing of the past and diversification is key to the survival of print service providers.

“When automation is driving your business, it is essential that you have a solution that provides full control and transparency of your production. It needs to be agile in order to scale with your business as you diversify, and it needs to be open so that all disparate, multi-vendor systems, both old and new, connect to each other. It’s what I refer to as ‘True Automation’ and this is our mission with Switch.”

Toon Van Rossum, Switch Product Manager, Enfocus


Switch 2018 ships with significant new features such as the Reporting Module.

Delivering on our promise of offering Switch users more production transparency across their workflows, the new module will not only provide more visibility but also offer a fully customizable experience to users. This new tool can be used across the whole organization, providing both management and production teams an in-depth view of their live production. At any given moment, the company can quickly locate jobs and pinpoint bottlenecks.

Here are the Top five benefits of using the Switch 2018 Reporting Module:

  • Optimize the use of Switch throughout the entire production workflow using live data
  • Easily customize the dashboard to show specific production data
  • Visualize the current state of the production and identify the status of each job
  • Identify production trends and peaks using current and historical data
  • Show the value Switch brings, making it easier to quantify and communicate the benefits of automation to management
  • Along with the introduction of the Reporting Module, Switch 2018 further innovates with a Job Finder, Webhooks, One-click Actions, enhancements to Private Data and the Web-based Client as well as additional APIs.

Connect 2018 focuses on providing a cost-effective toolset to help anyone involved in creating, quoting or producing PDFs for print. Connect 2018 offers a collection of pre-set personal workflow applications that can perform a variety of tasks such as adding bleeds, checking image resolution (quality), scaling documents, and more.

In addition, Connect 2018 has an all-new backbone which includes:

  • Compatibility with Enfocus PitStop 2018. 
  • 64-bit compatibility for the new MacOSX.
  • A new web engine improving web form compatibility for HTML job tickets.

Connect 2018 also brings an exciting new feature to Switch users called Dynamic Submit Points. Where previous versions were restricted to a single predefined workflow, this new feature allows a user to select which Switch workflow to submit a file to at the time of submission. This reduces the need for multiple submission applications to be created and provides a new level of operator flexibility.

Customer Centric Ecosystem - catalyst for automating processes and connecting islands of automation

Enfocus invests extensively in a customer centric ecosystem whereby its customers are placed central, and its software solutions and provided services, and partnerships with other vendors, is solely focused to improve the quality of jobs, increase productivity, and ultimately making customers more profitable.

The Enfocus Appstore is part of the ecosystem, providing a “co-creation platform” for customers, integrators, resellers, solution partners, and anyone else with a creative mind, to enrich the Switch feature-set by developing apps. These apps can be offered to Switch users for free, through subscription or a license purchase.

Integrations in Action

Throughout Print 18, Enfocus partners can be found that will showcase their integrated solutions.

  • Visit the following Enfocus Solution Partners to learn about the smart integrations they provide with Switch:
    Avanti Systems (#640), AccuZip, Inc. (#1847), CHILI publish (#636), GlobalVision (#353), HP Inc. (#2411), Meadows Publishing Solutions (#551), Tharstern (#253), Tilia Labs Inc. (#540), Ultimate TechnoGraphics (#443) and Xeikon America (#1136A).
  • Visit the following Enfocus Technology Partners who offer complete solutions including Switch automation, automated PitStop preflight and correction, or automated file delivery of print-ready PDF files:
    Canon U.S.A., Inc. (#2400), Marketing Ideas for Printers (#322), Print IQ (#249), PrinterPresence (#553), ProImage America, Inc. (#339), Ricoh USA (#3011) and SCREEN GP Americas, LLC (#3129).

Printerverse Panel Discussions

As a member of the Print Media Center PrinterverseTM Alliance, Enfocus will participate in Printerverse panel discussions throughout Print 18:

  • Sunday, September 30: 11-11:30 AM CT - Movers and Shakers
  • Sunday, September 30: 12:30-1 PM CT - The Workflow Workout: Get Lean for Fat Margins
  • Monday, October 1: 10:15-10:45 AM CT - Crowd Force: Customers Crave Collaboration
  • Tuesday, October 2: 10-10:30 AM CT - Course Correction: Is Your Workflow, Flowing?

Watch our panels and special events LIVE on Facebook or YouTube!

Visit Enfocus at booth #736 at PRINT 18