Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Enfocus releases Switch 2022 Fall

GHENT, 6 December 2022–Enfocus, the leader in PDF quality control and automated workflows for the graphical industry, today released its Fall 2022 update for Switch, its market-leading automation platform.

Top of the list of new and improved features in Switch 2022 Fall is the addition of Rush Jobs within your Switch Job Boards. Now users can change the priority of a job within the Web Portal to make sure that the job is given the highest priority throughout an entire Switch flow.

“Queued jobs in Switch are by default processed in FIFO order, but what if an urgent job comes in and there are too many jobs waiting ahead of it in the queue to get it processed in time? Enter Rush Jobs. You now have the ability to bump jobs up the queue to get them to process faster. And if you have a problem job that you need to retry, you can now give it immediate priority over other jobs.”

Davy Verstaen, Switch Product Manager, Enfocus


The Job Board also now provides the ability to filter and sort on the new Rush Jobs.

The Fall 2022 update for Switch also includes improvements to the Client Module, significant additions to the Scripting Module, and brings multiple UX improvements. These include:

Client Module

  • HTML Description in submit points

Scripting Module

  • Extract and query XMP info from PDF files with XMP support in Node.js
  • Exchange jobs without requiring a direct connection with sendToChannel and subscribeToChannel in Node.js
  • Schedule a job to be processed at a later time using processLater in Node.js
  • Abort entry point so you can know in your script when to abort and handle this gracefully

UX improvements

  • Consistency improvements when navigating the web portal menu

Enfocus Switch 2022 Fall Release is available for download today and is completely free for all maintenance customers. To request a demo or to learn more about the Enfocus suite of tools for PDF validation and prepress processes, please visit www.enfocus.com/switch.