Thursday, January 30, 2014

Enfocus Switch 12 offers enhanced remote administration functionalities and increased ease-of-use

Latest release from this automation pioneer brings new, robust capabilities to businesses of all sizes and budgets

Enfocus today announces the release of Enfocus Switch 12. New features include remote management and simplified group administration tools that make Switch 12 even more flexible. This release gives businesses of all sizes and budgets the ability to automate the repetitive tasks associated with creating, receiving and sorting files. In addition, Switch’s robust processing power and infinite configuration options let larger organizations successfully develop more complex business practices, such as integrating connections with more complex and layered business management data.


Thousands of businesses use Switch to integrate applications, resulting in custom production workflows

Noted by experts as not only the first, but also a leading automated, rules-based pipeline workflow solution, Enfocus Switch has helped thousands of businesses worldwide to improve communication, productivity, and quality of document or file exchange. Switch is the “glue” that integrates organizations’ existing systems with the third-party applications they use to create, produce, and share files. Users only pay for the functionality they require at the time, and use Switch’s exclusively simple, visual interface to create the application connections that Switch seamlessly pulls together into a customized and efficient production workflow.


New - The freedom of control from anywhere with Remote Designer

A key feature of Switch 12 is the Remote Designer. This new feature gets users out of the server room and allows them to administer the Switch Server at any time, from any computer, at any location. So no matter where they are - another office, at home, or traveling – users can easily access and manage the Switch Server.


New convenient and flexible management of users and user groups

Switch 12 also includes several new features that dramatically simplify the way users and user groups are managed.

A complete redesign of the User Pane, as well as elimination of user roles, gives customers the freedom to configure users and groups without limitations, and with any level of permission. In addition, Switch 12 allows new access rights for individual users and groups to be based on the existing Active Directory; making it unnecessary to create new users or groups within Switch. Administrators simply import users and groups from the Active Directory to create new access rights for particular jobs or projects.

Switch 12 also includes support for new Configurators, the tools that allow users to integrate their applications and automate third-party software application tasks. Included in Switch 12 are updates to The Adobe® Creative Cloud™ and Quark Xpress Configurators. In addition, Switch 12 includes new Configurators for CorelDraw and HP SmartStream Production Center JDF Control.

Switch 12 is compatible with the latest operating systems including Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9 and Windows version 8.1.


Switch 12 - the video

All new features of Switch 12 have been captured in action in a video tutorial, which details the impact Switch 12 can have on businesses of all sizes.


“The nature of the graphic arts industry keeps evolving; so businesses need flexible solutions that can keep pace with those changes without causing inconvenience to operators. This  is why Enfocus developed Switch 12. The new features included in this release permit companies of all sizes – from the small print provider to large commercial operations – to leverage Switch’s modular and open architecture to make workflow changes a positive, relatively rapid experience. Switch gives organizations the toolkit they need to be successful today, and when they experience growth and begin exploring new revenue streams, Switch will still be there to accommodate them as their workflow requirements change. As you can see, Switch not only optimizes organizations’ existing technology investments by integrating old and new for maximum benefit and efficiency, it is also a valuable and continuously evolving, relevant technology by itself.”

Fabian Prudhomme, Vice President, Enfocus


How to Get Switch 12?

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