Thursday, April 2, 2015

Enfocus Virtual Safari 2.0 Registration Goes Live

Worldwide Experts, Both Returning and New, Will Take Center Stage at Free Online Graphic Arts Conference, April 20-24.

Enfocus announces that registration for its free Virtual Safari 2.0 online conference is live, at: The leading provider of PDF quality control and process automation from design through production, Enfocus is hosting the 2nd annual, 5 day, free education-packed Virtual Safari Conference, with presentations by the biggest names and companies in the business, from April 20-24, 2015. This free conference is accessible anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

“The reaction and enthusiasm resulting from our inaugural Virtual Safari event, by both speakers and attendees, was tremendous,” says Michael Reiher, Enfocus product manager and Virtual Safari producer. “We’ve attracted the industry’s most notable speakers, addressing the most pressing issues facing our industry, along with the many exciting and cutting-edge advancements that have developed in just a few short years. Virtual Safari attendees are in for a real treat.”


Virtual Safari 2.0 Sessions

This year, 29 new hour-long expeditions are being offered for all areas of the marketplace, including sessions geared towards university and higher learning students preparing to enter the graphic arts and printing industry.

Enfocus has tapped the most prominent “gurus” in graphic arts to present at the week-long event, including Dr. Mark Bohan and Julie Shaffer, Vice Presidents at Printing Industries of America, and independent industry consultants and writers including Frank Romano, Richard Romano, Cory Sawatzki, and more.

Participating vendors include experts from MediaBeacon, Hewlett Packard, CHILI Publish, MBO America, Ricoh, Ultimate TechnoGraphics, Tribay, Apago, Pilot Marketing, Printware, Amazing Print Tech, XChange US, Prisco Digital, Amazing Print Tech, All Systems Integration, CrossXColor, Standard Finishing Systems, and Aleyant Systems.

Subjects and solutions that will be covered include industry trends, workflow strategies and implementation techniques, color management solutions, printing technologies, Web-to-Print, finishing solutions, and much more. Whether you are implementing new systems, looking to optimize what you already have, or just want to learn about a subject, there are sessions for everyone.


Graphics Arts Higher Learning: What’s Important to Know 

One of the new sessions this year turns the spotlight on Professors from four of the top universities and colleges for the graphic arts. Michael Reiher of Enfocus will moderate as Frank Romano, Professor Emeritus of RIT; Dr. Harvey Levenson, Professor Emeritus of CalPoly; Dr. John Leininger, Professor, Clemson University; and Jason Lisi, Associate Professor, Ryerson University discuss an industry going through one of its most extreme, yet positive and exciting, eras. The group will cover industry trends and new technologies in the context of what’s most important for graphic arts and visual communication students to know before entering the workforce. 

Delivered in a roundtable format, this session is key for anyone who is planning a career in the graphic arts, as well as managers in the industry who want to understand more about the knowledge and skills universities are focusing on. 

Reiher continues, “The Virtual Safari 2.0 tradeshow does not discriminate based on experience or industry segment. Our goal in providing this free online event is to give everyone in the industry the opportunity to take their skills and understanding to the next level. We truly have something for everyone, and encourage attendees to sign up for more than one session!”


Online Registration

Registration for Virtual Safari 2.0 is free, and may be accessed online at: