Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Switch 2017 - The future starts today

Switch already is the most open workflow application available on the market, and by releasing the API, Enfocus adds an extra level of openness to Switch. This is definitely the start of something big.

The Web Portal

Switch users loved the fact that we made the server messages available in a browser interface in Switch 13. Now, the entire job client works inside your browser as well.

To make all these features easily accessible, we came up with the Switch Web Portal. Browse to your Switch Server, sign in with your Switch user account and voilà - no additional installations are needed. Of course we also took customer feedback into account and made improvements to how the messages work.

Why you should care about an API

Even if you are not a developer who gets excited about a well-documented API, we still bet you will be very interested in ours.

Our open API enables custom integrations and makes it very easy to build a Switch Client that is tailored to specific needs.

And also…

Switch is now – finally – 64bit.

See the new features on our social media channels

Check out the Enfocus social media channels for more information about the Web portal and other new features in Switch 2017.