Monday, March 21, 2016

The Enfocus Appstore takes off

Last month, Enfocus announced the availability of the Enfocus Appstore, a co-creation platform where users and developers of Enfocus Switch could share their knowledge and work. Today, after only a month of operation, the Enfocus Appstore has quickly become the go-to resource for this community. New apps are being added to the store daily and Switch users from around the world are downloading them to solve business problems. Less than one month after the release of the Enfocus Appstore, the first apps have already been sold. At drupa 2016, Enfocus will be demonstrating the range of flows that can be created using apps from this community-created resource (Hall 08b, A23).

The Switch Community is comprised of Switch specialists – including users, integrators and Channel Partners – from around the globe. At the Enfocus Appstore, users can access applications that were developed by this vital community. Users can view information for each available app, including details about the app, compatibility and version information, the name of the creator, screenshots and a link to the support offered by the creator. If a user is interested in an app, he or she can download it and try it free for one month. If he or she likes the application, it can be purchased on a subscription basis.

“Users of Enfocus Switch now have a valuable resource where they can exchange ideas and technology to improve their businesses – and they have themselves to thank for it. We always knew this was a powerful, connected group of users and the pace of activity at the Enfocus Appstore clearly demonstrates that point. By drupa, the Enfocus Appstore will host close to 50 apps, each providing a solution to a specific business challenge. All of us at Enfocus are excited to be at drupa and to show the industry what can be created by the power of community.”

Bjorn Willems, Director of Product Management, Enfocus


Early growth and interaction

Since the introduction of the Enfocus Appstore, dozens of new app creators have been in contact with Enfocus and more apps are being introduced each day.

At the store, there are a range of apps that support different aspects of the flow – from apps that help manage XML files to apps that can look up data in a CSV file. The range of applications that is available and the fast pace at which apps are being added, mean that users are able to find solutions to some of their most specific workflow challenges.

New features that support community

Enfocus plans enhancements to the user experience at the Enfocus Appstore. In the near future, users will be able to leave reviews and ratings for apps they have purchased.

Users will also be presented with a customised landing page that includes selections that are based on the user’s past history at the store. There will also be a classification of the apps offered at the Enfocus Appstore. These features will help guide users through the growing number of applications, and facilitate more interaction among the Enfocus Community.

Ongoing Switch development

In addition to these co-created applications, Enfocus is concentrating their efforts on the architecture of the solution, developing features that improve quality and performance while providing greater flexibility. Features under development include an HTML Switch Client that enables users to access Switch from everywhere without the need for locally installed software.

Enfocus is also working on a Cloud-based solution that gives users more flexibility and security. Using Enfocus Cloud, users can automatically sync Switch Assets (workflows, etc.) to the Cloud. In case of hardware failure, the user simply reinstalls Switch on a new server, logs in with their Enfocus ID, and all workflows will be restored.

Demonstrating solutions for users, by users

At drupa, Enfocus will provide demonstrations of solutions that are based entirely on the apps that have come from the Enfocus Appstore, at Hall 08b, booth A23.

Accessing the Enfocus apps

Enfocus Appstore can be accessed directly from within Switch or by visiting: