Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Twixl media joins the Enfocus Crossroads community

Twixl media and Enfocus are pleased to announce their partnership in which the Twixl Publisher tablet application development and distribution tools are integrated with Enfocus Switch. Twixl media joins the Enfocus Crossroads community as an Application Partner, enabling publishers and agencies to fully automate their media production processes for tablet publishing.

As one of the major players in the tablet publishing market, Twixl media provides subscription-based solutions to create and distribute interactive and enriched content apps for the main app stores on the market. Twixl media offers two products for the publishing and agency market. Twixl Publisher, an app creation tool, combines a stand-alone Mac OS X application with a plug-in for Adobe® InDesign®. It allows a user to create interactive content apps for tablets which can either be published to app stores or within private environments. Twixl Distribution Platform, a cloud-based platform, is used to manage, store and distribute content created with Twixl Publisher for multi-issue app store apps. It combines different cloud-based services and manages both the distribution of publications and the authorization of who gets to download which issues.


“We have been active in the tablet publishing market since November 2010, steadily growing our customer base and acquiring a lot of experience integrating our solutions with our customer’s workflow systems. The objective has always been to reduce the integration effort for all of our customers to a minimum. Our publishing format is an open and documented format. We provided an SDK both for iOS and Android, enabling customers to integrate the capability of reading Twixl Publisher-based publications into their own custom apps. We also allow publishers with high download volumes to manage the hosting of their publications by themselves. The integration with Switch enables customers to create and publish rich content apps automatically. With this integration, customers can further automate their workflow processes by adding integrated solutions from other Crossroads partners solutions.”

Luk Dhondt, Twixl Publisher Product Manager, Twixl


Enfocus Switch can be used to automate different parts of a Twixl Publisher workflow by involving and automating other applications. For publishers that use the Twixl solution to publish PDFs in multi-issue apps, the PDF files can be automatically checked and optimized for display on tablets using Enfocus PitStop Server. Further down the production workflow, Enfocus Switch can upload publications to the Twixl Distribution Platform, providing publishers an automated way to add new issues to their weekly or monthly magazines.


 “Customers are increasingly looking to streamline and automate their production workflows, be it for print, web publishing or tablet publishing. I’m therefore very pleased that Twixl media has joined our Crossroads community. They are the first partner who enables publishers and agencies to automatically publish their apps through Switch. Being a Crossroads partner provides customers with various benefits. Besides automation, they can be assured that the integration between Twixl Publisher and Switch has been certified by Enfocus and Twixl media. Additionally, any information or resource related to the integration is made available to the customer through our Crossroads community web portal, making it easily accessible for customers to download and use.”

Angelo Manno, Global Account Manager, Crossroads & OEM, Enfocus


About Twixl media

Twixl media develops professional, easy and affordable publishing solutions for interactive applications on tablets. Solutions that are simpler to use, simpler to deploy, simpler to maintain. Solutions that are cost effective and that maintain our customer’s independence.

We believe that content consumption will evolve into a much more engaging activity and readers will consume content across different devices and platforms.

Our mission is to bring enriched content to the reader and deliver an exciting, powerful and interactive reading experience.

Twixl media distributes its products through a network of about 35 solution partners around the world. We partner with major players in the graphic industry and provide different integration tools.

For more information about the Twixl media tools for tablet publishing, please visit our website: www.twixlmedia.com.