New features in PitStop Pro

PitStop is an evolving solution. It receives regular updates with innovative feature additions. 

  • Industry-leading advancements
  • Evolution driven by customer needs
  • Capabilities developed to overcome real-world challenges
  • OS Compatibility: macOS 12 Monterey, Apple Silicon M1 chip and Windows 11

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PitStop Pro 2021 highlights

Check bleed along a contour


  • Ideal for labels and packaging
  • Check bleed along irregular paths

Add bleed along a contour


  • Ideal for labels and packaging
  • Create bleed along a closed path

Improved page bleed correction


  • Adds bleed to vectors and raster objects independently


Impose documents for booklets


  • Join pages in printer or reader spreads
  • No need to identify page size

Improved font fixes


  • Converts Type 3 fonts to normal page content
  • Prevents issues that can occur at the RIP

Page numbering and align/distribute objects improvements


  • Previously a manual edit, now an action


List of new features, improvements and Actions

  • Impose Document Action
  • Check Bleed on a Contour Action
  • Clip Original Bleed on Contour Action
  • Add Bleed on a Contour Action
  • Align/Distribute Objects Action
  • Consolidate Fonts Action
  • Flatten Type 3 Fonts Action
  • Separate Stroke and Fill Action
  • Add Hems and Pockets Action
  • Improved Add Page Numbers Action
  • Added option for rectangular data matrix barcodes
  • Improved Remap Spot Color Action to use variables
  • Improved Check for Page Differences to use variables
  • Improved Close Path Action
  • Improved Combine Subpath Action
  • Support for Adobe Acrobat DC 2021
  • Support for Adobe Acrobat 64-bit on Windows

For an in-depth description of the new features available in PitStop 2021, refer to the documentation in the release notes.