New features in PitStop Pro

PitStop Pro 2019

Released 25 April 2019

Rasterize selection

  • Select objects and rasterize them
  • Say goodbye to bottlenecks for your RIP


Check barcodes

  • Check the values of barcodes in PDF files.


Object browser

  • Find objects you need to edit in the objects stack
  • No more need to hide / unhide and move objects


Digital print preflight

  • Reduce click charges
  • Convert objects that look black to black


Show objects outside of page box

  • Temporarily expand the crop and bleed box to show everything on the page.



Compare PitStop Pro versions


  13 2017 2018 2019
Object browser          
Rasterize selection          
Check barcode Action          
Show objects outside the page box          
Split Action Lists Action          
Calculation variables          
Check lenght of Path Action          
Chamfered and Inverted Corner options          
Improvements to Preflight check for separations          
Support for Page Labels          
Improvements to Add Pages          
LZW compression          
New Transparency Flattener          
Check Line Art by Lenght          
Add Barcode Action            
Action List Visualizer            
Crop Line Art Action            
Stroke to Fill Action            
Offset Path Action            
Pathfinder tools and Action            
Preflight report chapter on Color of Pages            
Action to check for Minimum Printing Dot            
Action to select objects that look black            
Action to remap all Pantone colors to a single library            
Action to hard crop line art            
Action to remap Pantone colors between defined Libraries            
Action to check if a Pantone color is part of a library or not            
Action to normalize Panone color names            
Variables to work with color values            
Action to select closed paths            
Option for Image Resolution Check to ignore soft masks            
Actions to select, check, fix layers by print state            
PDF Geomapper              
Inspector panel for Transparency Groups and Masks              
Select concealed / visible objects Action              
Layer chapter in Preflight report              
Round cornered rectangles              
41 DeviceLink profiles shipped as standard              
Re-order and delete pages Action              
Ink Coverage to ignore named color separations              
Scale Selection Action              
Improvements to Scale Page Size Action              
Select overlapping / underlying objects Action              

Optional subscription licensing

Preflight restrictions                
Customizable Preflight messages                
Customizable Action List messages                
Generate bleed Action                
Improved log selection Action                
Improvements to Workgroup Manager                
Cut - copy - paste in Action Lists                
Check number of nodes on a page                
Select pages Action can count from the back                
Select inside contour Action
(dieline / cutter guide)
Select spot color now allows lists of colors                
Scale Actions work to 4 decimal places and with Variables                
"Just make my Office PDF work" Preflight Profile                
Improved Preflight image resolution reporting                
ISO 19593-1 Processing Steps support                
Action to remove object level metadata                
Action to remove attachments from PDF files                
Option to turn off anti-aliasing when rasterizing                
Action to convert shadings (blends) to images                
Esko Packaging Preflight Actions                
GWG2015 Preflight Profiles                
Updated Pantone libraries including Pantone+ in Lab / CMYK                
Create Action Lists directly in the Preflight Profile editor                
Retina icon support for Acrobat DC