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Latest release: PitStop Pro 2023 update 1


PitStop Pro 2023 update 1 not only introduces support for macOS Sonoma but also incorporates significant improvements such as more options for Place PDF, Overlay PDF, and Add copied graphics plus new placement options for color bars. It also brought new Actions and a speed boost for existing Actions and Switch's PitStop Server Configurator.

  • Flatten form XObjects: PitStop can now extract objects from form XObjects
  • Font detection: Badly structured Type 3 fonts can now be detected
  • Mac OS compatibility: Mac OS 14 (Sonoma) is now fully supported
  • Disable logging debug datasets: (PitStop Server only) Set Switch Configurator to disable logging for a significant processing speed boost on high volume production flows
  • Place selected pages: "Add overlay", "Place PDF", and "Add copied graphics" Actions can now be used to place selected pages from a PDF file as an isolated group in another PDF file
  • Select by fill type: Select paths by fill type with options to select by Non-Zero Winding and Even-Odd fill types
  • N​ew options for placing color bars: Placing color bars onto a page has new positioning options
  • Select required color set: Enable selecting of all colors except colors defined in the color set
  • Speed improvements: Improved internal algorithms mean you will see big speed boosts when running GWG 2022 Preflight Profiles and using the following Actions on complex documents : "Select overlapping objects", "Select inside or outside contour", "Select concealed objects", and "Select visible objects".

For more details plus information on system requirements, bug fixes and security updates, read the full Release Notes.

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