Imaging Solutions

Imaging Solutions AG, a midsize Swiss company, offers special machines for the production of photo books and print-on-demand products.
A further business unit of Imaging Solutions is the automated image enhancement (brand name VIESUS™) and workflow software.

The company has its roots in the production of digital high-speed printers for silver halide (photographic) paper. This also involves image analysis know-how for the classification and optimization of images. 

In the photofinishing industry, the automatic image enhancement VIESUS™ is widely used for the production of photo prints and photo books.
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The brand name VIESUS™ refers to Imaging Solutions’ fully automatic image enhancement. VIESUS™ includes all state-of-the-art image correction steps, such as the correction of over- and underexposures, removal of color casts, recovery of details lost in shadows, restoration of contrast, correction of red eyes, reduction of noise and grain, up- and downsampling, sharpness control. The underlying image analysis algorithms have been specifically designed to robustly work in an automatic, unattended way and safely handle a huge variety of images.