New in Switch 2017

The Switch Web Portal

The main new feature of the Web Portal in Switch 2017 is Switch Client. You can now submit, route, lock and replace jobs from your browser using the Switch Web Portal. No need of installing any client side software.

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Switch is now (finally) 64-bit

Switch is now completely 64-bit! This means that Switch will make optimal use of your system, resulting in improved handling of:

  • Larger files
  • Extensive collection of flows



Web Services and the Web Services Module

We now offer all functionality of the Switch Web Portal in a documented REST API. This adds an extra level of openness to Switch.

An open API like this means that anyone will be able to build a Switch Client tailored to their specific needs. This is the start of something big!

There are some API call limits to avoid abuse. To remove these limits, you can get the Web Services Module.

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New and updated configurators

  • GMG ColorServer

    In combination with Switch, testing PDF files and color converting them is fully automated, guaranteeing consistent results for a variety of printing processes and substrates

  • Meadows Publishing Solutions, DesignMerge® Pro
    DesignMerge® Pro, Meadows' flagship variable data printing tool, works directly with the Adobe® InDesign® page layout application to produce personalized output in a variety of optimized formats. In combination with Switch, thousands of records of variable data can be automatically processed, producing Variable Data output in the PDF, PDF/VT, or PPML output format, all with complete error checking.

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  •, Harlequin RIP

    RTI sells integrated RIP and workflow solutions, based on the Harlequin RIP, as well as thermal imaging systems, to the screen printing, flexographic, direct digital, and offset printing markets. In combination with Switch, adding an RTI RIP-Kit will enable users to automatically and directly drive a wide variety of prepress imaging devices including CTP, CTS, CTF, as well as digital proofers.





Integrate with your systems and the latest OS versions

Switch 2017 is fully supported on the latest operating systems, including:

  • Mac OS X 10.12 (Sierra)
  • Windows Server 2016