Job onboarding: move print jobs from customer to press in seconds, not hours

Files arrive in varying states of print-readiness and from a variety of sources.

The Enfocus Job Onboarding solutions overcome these challenges with automation and open connectivity.

  • Get files from multiple sources
  • Move jobs into production faster
  • Unburden customer service
  • Easier access for customers

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"It took us 45 minutes to handle an order through our custom-built workflow. One month later, with Switch Core: 3 minutes. In 3 minutes, the order arrives, is analyzed, and changed. That gives us 42 minutes of extra production time. Truly exceptional."

Rafael Mari, Co-founder,

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Get files from anywhere

PitStop Server automates file receipt from email, FTP and network shares. The need for manual file retrieval is removed as well as the need for manual file movement throughout production.

  • Widen the incoming pathway
  • Use your existing file submission solutions
  • Keep your jobs moving in a consistent, reliable and efficient way


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Process jobs on the way into production

Accelerate PDF quality inspection (wait-less preflight). Implementing PitStop Server adds automated preflight to the onboarding process. Preflight Profiles and Action Lists are accessed directly from Switch, removing manual prepress interaction.


Eliminate preflight wait times

Reduce monotonous file handling


Quicker responses to customers

Fasttrack print-ready files






Automated job onboarding solutions


Job Onboarding Pack



PitStop Server brings powerful quality control and automation features to your PDF production process.

  • Monitors multiple file submission points, such as FTP servers, email and network folders
  • Intelligently routes your files for PDF preflight and correction to fully automate the delivery and archival of production files
  • Includes automated PDF Preflight and PDF file repair while it broadens your approach to workflow automation.

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Job Onboarding Plus Pack



Adding Review completely automates the PDF proofing process.

Your customers can view your PDF in a browser window, without the need to install any software.

  • Removes the need for manual PDF proof handling
  • Sends a link via email with no user management required
  • Customer inspects proofs on any device using a browser

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Our manual job onboarding solutions


Quickly check PDFs for showstoppers.

BoardingPass is for customer service agents to provide a rapid reply about job files that may need to be reworked.

  • Email integration, drag and drop simplicity
  • Fast turnaround for customers
  • Frontline PDF validation

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Check, fix and certify jobs before submission using custom created Connector applications or print drivers. Connect YOU is file creators and Connect ALL is for production teams.

  • Automatically submit files that pass preflight
  • Create Certified PDF files
  • Built on PitStop technology

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