PitStop Preflight Profiles

Generic Enfocus Preflight Profiles

This zip file contains all Generic Preflight Profiles created by Enfocus and installed with the PitStop products.

Standard PDF/X Preflight Profiles

This library provides you with Preflight Profiles to check if your files are compatible with PDF/X standards and also includes Preflight Profiles to convert your PDFs into valid PDF/X files. The following PDF standards are included in this library:

Ghent Workgroup Preflight Profiles

The Ghent PDF Workgroup is an international organization made up of graphic arts users, associations & developers building best practices for publishing workflows. GWG has successfully produced free specifications for the use of PDF/X-1a PLUS and PDF/X-3 PLUS in vertical graphic arts segment applications. For more info, visit www.gwg.org

Cross media publishing

Download the cross media publishing Preflight Profiles. 

Smart preflight

Download the Smart Preflight Profiles.