FAQ about the Enfocus Appstore

Use of the Enfocus Appstore

App subscriptions


Use of the Enfocus Appstore

Do I need an Enfocus ID to use apps from the Enfocus Appstore?
Yes, you need to sign in to the About panel in Switch with an Enfocus ID. Only then, the Enfocus Appstore will recognize your Switch installation and you will be able to assign apps to your Switch.

What happens if I sign out?
Nothing. The first time you sign in, your Switch installation is registered and linked to your Enfocus ID on the Enfocus Appstore, so next time you try to run or assign apps, the Enfocus Appstore will recognize your Switch installation. Even after signing out, you will still be able to assign and run apps.

Do I need the Configurator module or the Scripting module to run apps?
No, you only need a Switch Core license.

Can I use one app on multiple Switch installations at the same time?
No, you can only run one app on one Switch installation at the same time. If you want to use the app on multiple Switch installations at the same time, you have to purchase multiple licenses of that app.

Can I run apps while my Switch installation is offline?
Yes. You need to be online to start a trial or purchase an app and assign it to your Switch installation but you can run the apps while you are offline. You have to be online though for at least once a month so we can verify that the license is still valid.

Can I start a trial on multiple Switch installations?
Yes, you can start the trial on as many Switch installations as you like, but you can start only one trial per app per installation. When the trial for that app has expired you cannot start a new trial. You might want to start the trial on all your Switch installations at the same time, as you will not be able to start a trial for the same app on another Switch installation at a later date.

Can 2 different people trial the same app on a Switch installation?
One app can only be trialed once on a certain machine, regardless of the person who started the trial.

Can I move a trial from one Switch installation to another?
No, you can uninstall and reinstall a trial but only on the original Switch installation and as long as the trial has not ended. You cannot move a trial.

There is a newer version of an app, can I trial it again?
For the moment that is not possible but we will make it possible in the near future.

Will I get notified after my trial expires?
Yes, you will get a notification in Switch.

Who can assign apps to a certain Switch installation?
Everyone who is an app manager on the Switch installation. You can become an app manager either by signing in to the Switch installation via the About panel or by adding a person as app manager on the ‘MySwitch’ page on the Enfocus Appstore.

What if my Switch server crashes? Will I be able to use my purchased apps on a new server?
Yes, you will be able to use the apps on a different server. If you cannot uninstall an app because the server isn’t accessible anymore, you can go to ‘MySwitch’ page on the Enfocus Appstore and choose ‘Forget Switch installation’. You can then reassign all your apps to your new Switch installation via the Enfocus Appstore. Be careful, this will uninstall all your apps and stop the flows using these apps.  We recommend using this option only in case the Switch server isn’t accessible anymore.

App subscriptions

Who do I need to contact for support on the app?
The app creator. You can find the app creator contact details on the App Details page on the Enfocus Appstore.  You can get there quickly by clicking on the app in Switch.

Can I buy a perpetual license of an app?
No, only yearly subscription licenses are available.

Will my app subscription be automatically renewed?
Yes. Your app subscription automatically renews until you cancel it. The price of the subscription will not change during the purchased contract period. When your contract renews, the price is subject to change, but we will always inform you with sufficient notice.

How can I cancel my subscription?
Just sign in to the Enfocus Appstore and go to the ‘MySubscriptions’ page. There you can cancel your subscription.

What happens when my credit card expired?
In case your credit card has expired and your automatic payment for the Enfocus Appstore failed, you will automatically get an email that contains a link to adjust your credit card details.