Friday June 07, 2019 processes one order every 45 seconds with Switch

Topics: Testimonial, France, specialized services for communication agencies, graphic designers and printers. They decided to replace their home-grown workflow with Enfocus Switch.

By the numbers

  • processing 1400-1500 orders per day
  • receive one order every 45 seconds
  • it took only 3 months to integrate 80% of their workflow that took 7 years to create themselves
  • 45 minutes to process an order before Switch
  • 3 minutes to process an order using Switch

Realisaprint offers the largest range of online services in France. They provide graphic design, order management, administration, customer support, and production. There are three full-time employees whose main focus is to work on Switch flows.



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About Toon Van Rossum

Switch Automation

Switch Product Manager, Toon Van Rossum has been working at Enfocus for 9 years, in several roles (customer service, QA and software development) after obtaining his bachelor's degree in Graphic Arts.

Using his deep knowledge and passion for Switch and technology in general, Toon is in charge of strengthening the Switch product and architecture, ensuring it keeps up with the ever-changing market requirements.

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