Simply and clearly labeled


Automating label production starts with connecting data to artwork. Then processing, imposing, and producing jobs can happen automatically.

Get files onboard. Get them preflighted. Get them ganged. Your MIS with Switch creates smart jobs with no automation limits.

Switch keeps your MIS and web storefront up to date with job status changes.


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Standardizing artwork


Square peg into a round hole? Getting files to comply with production standards is the hard part that makes workflow easier. Preflight is a huge factor. PitStop Pro and PitStop Server are essential prepress PDF tools for editing and quality control.

PitStop comes installed with a set of Action Lists that check for bleed on a dieline, add bleed along a dieline and clip bleed along a dieline. No more manually editing paths to get correct bleed.

The Switch PDF Review Module automates PDF proofing by emailing links to browser-viewed, press-ready jobs. Customers can approve proofs and jobs move into production without bogging down prepress.


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Imposition integration


Automating smart job processes is much easier since each Switch job can carry its own job ticket throughout the print shop. Routing and ganging jobs happens automatically, according to your parameters.

  • Seamless connectivity between imposition and production.
  • Keep your jobs moving in a consistentreliable and efficient way.
  • Use your existing imposition solution.

Switch has existing integrations with Tilia Labs, InSoft Automation, and Ultimate Technographics. With the Switch Scripting Module, integrating your existing imposition solution takes manual intervention away from such a keystone process.

Routing JDF instructions created by MIS or an imposition solution to finishing equipment is handled by Switch.


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What customers say

“We took a three to four hour per label job, prepress time, down to about fifteen minutes, max.”

Adam Seiz, Director of Process Improvement, Bennett Graphics

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Easy as putting stickers on a roll


Automate redundant tasks

Free up staff and maintain consistent predictable job files and data

Quality that just happens

Minimize waste and reduce make-readies by standardizing production.


Integrate third-party applications

  • MIS communication
  • Imposition connected
  • Smart job processing
  • and more for greater production automation



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Our solutions


Automated PDF Workflow


PitStop Server

PitStop Server brings powerful quality control and automation features to your PDF production process.

  • Monitors multiple file submission points, such as FTP servers, email and network folders
  • Intelligently routes your files for PDF preflight and correction to fully automate the delivery and archival of production files
  • Includes automated PDF Preflight and PDF file repair while it broadens your approach to workflow automation.

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Workflow Automation Platform



  • Switch automates your processes regardless of your print applications or devices by giving you all the pieces you need for your workflow to work your way
  • Integrate with MIS | W2P | Imposition | Online Proofing
  • No limits to developing your workflow. If you can script it, Switch can do it, using Node.js or TypeScript.
  • Build your workflow using your favorite applications, supported by a global network of solution partners and creators that integrate and extend Switch capabilities

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