Enfocus solutions allow Commercial Printers to print faster, better and more profitable

Enfocus helps Commercial Printers realizing better profit margins by automating file reception, PDF Preflighting and optimizing prepress processing – for a nominal investment!

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How commercial printers benefit from our solutions


Automate redundant tasks

  • Non-proprietary, vendor- and fileformat neutral automation that easily links disparate systems and manual processes.
  • Fully features programmable workflows with advanced reception and file processing tools.

Generate optimized, press-ready PDFs

  • Get up and running instantly by running preconfigured Preflight profiles to perform common industry checks and fixes
  • Interactive tools to edit every part of a PDF file
  • Powerful and precise automation capabilities that provide a massive productivity boost



Profitably expand into commercial print opportunities to realize higher press utilization rates and improved ROI on existing hardware.



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What customers say


"Switch pulls everything together. Although we have multiple publishing and consumption methods, there is now a defined, centralized workflow for managing, processing and distributing files, as well as updating and interacting with several databases. We needed a solution that was as 'open source' as possible to allow full XML automation as well as integration of third party applications and configurators. Switch was the ideal solution to meet those requirements."

Brian North, Group Workflow Specialist at Tangent

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Our solutions



PitStop, an essential tool in any prepress department

  • PitStop Pro is the industry-standard tool for checking and correcting PDF files, used by more than 130,000 commercial printers across the globe
  • Reduces risk of human errors, high quality guaranteed every time
  • Frees up your staff for work that you can actually charge for

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Switch, the workflow automation solution

Examples of repetitive tasks that can be automated:

  • Downloading files from FTP servers or e-mail inboxes and routing them where they need to go.
  • Sending notification or confirmation e-mails to customers.
  • Sorting files by file type, metadata, and conditions.
  • Converting native layout documents to print-ready PDFs.
  • Integrating with third-party software for ad booking, ad tracking systems, page pairing, ink saving, image enhancement, imposition, color management, proofing, etc.

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Connect ALL, extends workflow automation to your customer's desktop

  • Gets display ads to print correctly, without manual intervention and editing.
  • Provides a one-step process for easy submission of ads or even entire commercial print jobs and receiving them into your organization right where you want them to.

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