Invest small, print BIG

Maximize production efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction with our flexible and incremental wide format automation solutions.

Wide format printers understand the need to handle diverse jobs on a tight budget.

This has traditionally required significant investments in cutting-edge hardware and a deep bench of experienced operators. But what if there was a smarter, more cost-effective way to scale your wide format production and boost profitability?

Enfocus offers a unique, modular approach to automation. Whether you're starting with PDF preflighting or looking for full workflow automation, our software provides affordable solutions to help grow your business.

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Level 1: automation foundations. Start Smart with PitStop Pro

You don’t need a full automation suite to start streamlining wide format operations. PitStop Pro, the industry-leading preflight and correction tool, already eliminates tedious preflight and production tasks, including automatically:

  • Adding bleed and trim areas
  • Creating cut paths for precision finishing
  • Integrating grommet marks for banners and signage

And that’s just scratching the surface of wide format production you can automate with PitStop Pro.

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Level 2: Expand (and contract) with Griffin Next Level Nesting and Finishing

Griffin is an automated nesting tool that works seamlessly with PitStop Pro to maximize material use and streamline your finishing processes. Deploy Griffin and PitStop Pro together in your wide format production, and you’ll quickly see higher job accuracy, fewer errors, lower costs, and much faster turnaround times. Griffin automation helps you:

  • Achieve optimal layouts for complex shapes
  • Reduce waste for greater profitability
  • Prepare files for cutting tables effortlessly

Using these two industry-leading tools in tandem can deliver major benefits for any scale of print business.

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Level 3: Unleash Hands-Off Workflows with full Switch Automation

Once you’re ready to maximize your automation efficiency, the choice is simple: deploy Switch for wide format printing to automate everything from job submission to output, including job routing, and online approvals. Switch also automates all your PitStop Pro and Griffin production tasks, making them completely hands off.  Use Switch to:

  • Automate all the capabilities of PitStop Pro and Griffin
  • Connect prepress, production, and customer-facing systems
  • Integrate with MIS/ERP/eCommerce platforms
  • Scale automation in every part of your production workflow

How you use Switch in automating your production processes is limited only by your imagination. And with an affordable, modular architecture, you can deploy Switch incrementally with solutions to match your budget, safe in the knowledge that Switch customers typically see ROI within the first six months. 

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Why Wide Format Printers Choose Enfocus

Enfocus solutions deliver a far lower total cost of ownership than massive hardware upgrades. They can be deployed incrementally, are faster to get started with, and typically deliver return on investment in under six months, all while freeing up your skilled operators for the work that truly matters.
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Affordable Automation, Rapid ROI



Maximize Your Hardware Investments

How does it feel to see your expensive print hardware standing idle? Too often, printers struggle to get jobs prepared as fast as their machine queues can process them. The result is decreased throughput and profit. Enfocus solutions automate and optimize wide format job preparation, guaranteeing a better return on your existing investments.

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Free Up Your Talent

Even your most skilled operators will sometimes lose hours trying to get jobs to match complex print specifications. Enfocus solutions can instantly detect what needs to be done, and do the work quickly and reliably, freeing your teams’ imagination and skills to do more profitable, high-level work.

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Enfocus Solutions, Wide Ranging Results




Real World Success Stories


"Before Enfocus, an order would take 45 minutes to go through our custom built automation flow. One year later with Enfocus: 3 minutes. In three minutes the order arrives, is analyzed and changed."

Rafael Mari, co-founder at




"There isn’t a single file that doesn’t go through Switch."

David Leroy, Process Manager at 3Motion​




"Per part that gets prepped we easily save 10 to 15 minutes per file. Over the years we’ve used it, it has saved us thousands of hours."

Jeremy Yeckel, Prepress Production Manager at Image Options





See Enfocus Solutions for Wide Format Printers in Action

Enfocus solutions have been created for your challenges and opportunities. Whether you're focused on the sign market, POS displays, textiles, billboards, interior design, vehicle wrapping, or something else, Enfocus provides the tools that can affordably and incrementally transform your productivity.

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