Invest small, print BIG

Make your people, processes and equipment more effective, increase your profitability and gain a competitive advantage.

Achieve the greatest impact from minimal effort to keep jobs moving through a unified workflow.

For any wide-format print technology and for many types of products such as sign market, POS display, textile, billboards, interior design, vehicle wrapping, among others.


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Make the most out of your investments in equipment and people.



Remove tedious, repetitive, manual tasks. Build a solution that connects everything and remains scalable.


Visualize your workflow, and plan for today while growing towards tomorrow.


Enfocus Solution for Wide Format Printers

What does it do?



Optional: connect with everything

Get data in an organized way coming from:

  • MIS
  • ERP
  • E-commerce

And use it to achieve lights out automation.


Don't have an MIS / ERP?

Don't worry! You can submit and keep track of jobs using our basic solution. 




What customers say


"It took us 45 minutes to handle a print order through our custom-built workflow. One month later, with Enfocus: 3 minutes. In 3 minutes, the order arrives, is analyzed, and changed. That gives us 42 minutes of extra production time. Truly exceptional."

Rafael Mari, Co-founder,

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"We have brought in a lot of automation solutions. In the end, Enfocus Switch has replaced just about everything else that we're using. It allows us to automatically get files in, prepress them, impose them, and get them to our presses."

Diego Diaz, Solutions Architect, The Bernard Group

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Seamless integrations with all major software and hardware vendors








Did you know you can automate this?

Think of those nifty, soul-sucking tasks that you need to perform on every job that comes in?

Have you ever investigated if you can automate these? And what if we told you that you could?

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Grommet holes

Automatically add grommet marks to your files. The number of marks and distance are calculated automatically. 

Edit PDF files

Edit pretty much anything in a PDF file, all within the Adobe Acrobat interface. No external applications needed. 

Find and fix errors in PDFs

Don't let small mistakes become big problems. PitStop checks PDF files for errors and fixes them automatically.

Split PDFs in slices

Automatically split up a billboard design into slices.

Add cutting marks

Automatically add cutting marks to your job files.

Add bleed

Don't lose time fixing one of the most common errors in print production. PitStop automatically adds bleed to PDF files.

Separate dielines

Automatically detect dielines and put them in another file. That way you have a file with designs for your printer and a file with dielines for your cutter.