Keep the ink off your hands


As touchless as you want to be with work your way automation.

Unexpected things always happen at 3 am while you're pushing out the morning edition. Gaps in your workflow shouldn't be one of them.

Enfocus provides the tools to unify existing systems and automate pockets of services from advertising to print and e-publishing.  


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What customers say

"Switch encompasses the entire process ... it has allowed us to integrate many pieces that already existed, but that worked separately and did not speak to each other. With Switch, we have managed to create more of an ecosystem."

Víctor Corchado Rincón, Head of production and printing systems at El País

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Here's the good news for newsprint


Automate redundant tasks

Free up staff and maintain consistent predictable job files and data

Quality that just happens

Minimize waste and reduce make-readies by standardizing production.


Integrate third-party applications

  • Image enhancement
  • Color standardization
  • Ink optimization
  • E-edition production
  • and more for greater production automation


Consolidate services

Consolidate creative services and prepress production to eliminate redundancies and improve production quality.


Profitably expand into commercial print opportunities to realize higher press utilization rates and improved ROI on existing hardware.




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Our solutions


Automated PDF Workflow


PitStop Server

PitStop Server brings powerful quality control and automation features to your PDF production process.

  • Monitors multiple file submission points, such as FTP servers, email and network folders
  • Intelligently routes your files for PDF preflight and correction to fully automate the delivery and archival of production files
  • Includes automated PDF Preflight and PDF file repair while it broadens your approach to workflow automation.

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Workflow Automation Platform



  • Switch automates your processes regardless of your print applications or devices by giving you all the pieces you need for your workflow to work your way
  • Integrate with MIS | W2P | Imposition | Online Proofing
  • No limits to developing your workflow. If you can script it, Switch can do it, using Node.js or TypeScript.
  • Build your workflow using your favorite applications, supported by a global network of solution partners and creators that integrate and extend Switch capabilities

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Connect ALL

Extends workflow automation to your customer's desktop 

  • Gets display ads to print correctly, without manual intervention and editing
  • Provides a one-step process for easy submission of ads or even entire commercial print jobs and receiving them into your organization right where you want them to

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