21 Oct 2020

#IPD20: Enfocus Workflow Automation Report

#IPD20: Enfocus Workflow Automation Report

18 Sep 2020

BoardingPass pre-release gets first update

Enfocus releases the first update to the free public pre-release of BoardingPass

8 Sep 2020

Switch supports Node.js and 100 apps in the Appstore

The Enfocus Appstore reaches a milestone and Node.js Scripting brings new opportunities to app creators and customers

23 Jun 2020

Switch 2020 spring release

This one is for the Creators

28 May 2020

BoardingPass: New product launch

Announcing: BoardingPass

23 Apr 2020

PitStop 2020 Released

“PitStop Pro and PitStop Server 2020 will release with a long list of new features and improvements. The feature set offers new innovations, new automation possibilities, new Preflight checks and...

23 Mar 2020

Virtual Safari 4.0 call for speakers

Enfocus, the leader in PDF quality control, advanced PDF editing and workflow automation for the graphic arts industry announces the fourth edition of their Virtual Safari.

2 Mar 2020

PitStop 2020 to be released in April

Give your prepress 20/20 vision

2 Mar 2020

PitStop Server is now a PDF Workflow

Enfocus PitStop Server is set to be modernized with richer automation features

19 Dec 2019

Connect 2019 Released

Connect 2019 available and supports MacOS 10.15 Catalina