PitStop Server 2020


Released 23 April 2020

PitStop Server 2020 highlights

The following videos highlight new features available in this latest release. 



  • Make vectors from raster images
  • A huge time-saver for wide format printers
  • Color swatches in PitStop Inspector

Overlay PDF


  • Overlay one multi-page PDF over another
  • Page-based check for bleed
  • 20 new action lists
  • Search and replace text


Visually look for objects - PATENT PENDING


  • Using computer vision, PitStop will scan a document for certain objects
  • Verify branding, logo placement, etc


List of new features, improvements and Actions

  • Add Page Numbers Action
  • Extended Rasterize Selection
  • Normalize Pantone Names Action
  • Flip Selection
  • Check Page Bleed Action
  • Select Tiling Patterns Action
  • Check for Corrupt Images
  • Color Swatches in the Inspector
  • Crop to Clip in the Inspector
  • Pantone v4 Libraries Added
  • Select by PDF version (PDF 2.0)
  • Change PDF version (PDF 2.0)
  • Check Acrobat Compatibility
  • Overlay PDF Action
  • Check if Visual Content Exists Action
  • Check for Tiling Patterns
  • Check for Number of Images on a Page
  • Offset shapes in the Inspector
  • Trace in the Inspector
  • Updated Transparency Flattener
  • Add Copied Graphics using variables
  • Add Pages using variables
  • Grab Page Box Coordinates
  • Select Areas of Dense Graphics Action
  • Select Process Colorants Action
  • Search and Replace Text Action
  • Check for Zero-Width Fill
  • Stroke to Fill in the Inspector
  • Add Barcode Action
  • Add QR Code

For an in-depth description of the new features available in PitStop 2020, refer to the documentation in the release notes.




Older PitStop Server versions


  2018 2017 13 12 11 10
Add Barcode Action              
Crop Line Art Action              
Stroke to Fill Action              
Offset Path Action              
Pathfinder tools and Action              
Preflight report chapter on Color of Pages              
Action to check for Minimum Printing Dot              
Action to select objects that look black              
Action to remap all Pantone colors to a single library              
Action to hard crop line art              
Action to remap Pantone colors between defined Libraries              
Action to check if a Pantone color is part of a library or not              
Action to normalize Panone color names              
Variables to work with color values              
Action to select closed paths              
Option for Image Resolution Check to ignore soft masks              
Actions to select, check, fix layers by print state              
PDF Geomapper                
Inspector panel for Transparency Groups and Masks                
Select concealed / visible objects Action                
Layer chapter in Preflight report                
Round cornered rectangles                
41 DeviceLink profiles shipped as standard                
Re-order and delete pages Action                
Ink Coverage to ignore named color separations                
Scale Selection Action                
Improvements to Scale Page Size Action                
Select overlapping / underlying objects Action                

Optional subscription licensing



Preflight restrictions                  
Customizable Preflight messages                  
Customizable Action List messages                  
Generate bleed Action                  
Improved log selection Action                  
Improvements to Workgroup Manager                  
Cut - copy - paste in Action Lists                  
Check number of nodes on a page                  
Select pages Action can count from the back                  
Select inside contour Action
(dieline / cutter guide)
Select spot color now allows lists of colors                  
Scale Actions work to 4 decimal places and with Variables                  
"Just make my Office PDF work" Preflight Profile                  
Improved Preflight image resolution reporting                  
ISO 19593-1 Processing Steps support                  
Action to remove object level metadata                  
Action to remove attachments from PDF files                  
Option to turn off anti-aliasing when rasterizing                  
Action to convert shadings (blends) to images                  
Esko Packaging Preflight Actions                  
GWG2015 Preflight Profiles                  
Updated Pantone libraries including Pantone+ in Lab / CMYK                  
Create Action Lists directly in the Preflight Profile editor                  
Retina icon support for Acrobat DC                  
Integration with Monotype missing font solution                    
Image adjustment - tonal curves                    
Image adjustment - brightness / contrast                    
Image adjustment - Unsharp masking                    
Gradient / Blend creation and editing                    
Ink Usage Report                    
RGB Black Image to Black channel only                    
Alignment tools                    
Group and ungroup objects                    
Customizable keyboard shortcuts                    
Modernized selections                    
Global color curves                    
Use of regular expressions in Action Lists                    
Anti-aliasing in image conversion                    
Improved working with PDF layers                    
"Look" function in Inspector                    
Smart Preflight and correction                      
Improved Preflight Profile editor                      
Streamlined Navigator                      
Find and replace text                      
Merge into text lines                      
Split spreads into single pages
(Split pages in half)
PitStop Workgroup Manager                        
PDF/A, check and fix to this standard                        
PDF/X-4:2010 compliancy                        
Optimize PDF files                        
Global Changes in QuickRuns                        
Redesigned and enhanced Action List engine                        
Enhanced design layout                        
Search functionality on the font and color picker                        
Import color libraries                        
Pantone Plus added to Pantone color libraries                        
Check total ink coverage                        
Color management presets                        
Black point compensation when converting color                        
Channel remap                        
Design Layouts                        
Redesigned and enhanced Global Change engine                        
Unified Preset Manager                        
Floating licenses                        
Outline problematic fonts                        
Place PDF in PDFs                        
Run Action Lists during Preflight                        
Universal Binary                        
Work with different font types                        
Support for Little CMS, Adobe CMM                        
Text display in wireframe mode                        
Sign-off on Preflight errors                        
New PitStop Inspector                        
Separate Color conversion panel                        
Better page configuration handling                        
Annotated Preflight Report