MIS Software gets connected


Enfocus Switch allows your MIS to drive the entire print production chain.

  • Switch opens communication from your MIS to your workflow, without the need for manual entry of job specifications.
  • Job files and the associated production data can be automatically released when MIS conditions are met. 
  • Errors that can occur during hand-keyed data entry are removed.
  • Service staff are relieved from the monotony of replicating job information.


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Close the gap between MIS and production


  • Switch dynamically associates data with a job as it is being processed, giving previously unconnected systems the ability to talk back.
  • With Switch serving as the workflow pipeline, job files are automatically evaluated, and decisions are made for processing according to MIS data.


Create smart jobs

Switch marries production files to production data and delivers them as a smart job.

A smart job doesn't require manual interaction before it can proceed into your workflow.

Smart jobs are routed, processed and automated decisions are made by Switch. Status is returned to your MIS as automated checkpoints are reached.



Status updates where they're needed

Do your CSRs get calls about jobs, while they don't have the ability to check where the job is in production? Thanks to Switch, this is no longer a problem.

Switch sends status messaging back to your MIS as well as maintaining its own job status and production checkpoints via a fully customizable dashboard.


We collaborate with the best MIS software developers


  • Out-of-the-box integrations, no coding required.
  • ​Bi-directional communication between MIS and production for a more efficient, smarter workflow.
  • Remove manual entries and manual status updates.
  • Integrate pockets of technology for a unified business system.




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Switch also knows JDF and XML

Even if there is no out-of-the-box integration with your MIS system, Switch will most probably connect to it.

  • JDF is intended to be a digital job ticket. It can be understood by presses, finishing or other equipment. It facilitates the delivery of production instructions to devices that understand it. 
  • XML is a close cousin to JDF, where it can contain specifications about a job. This allows a job to be checked, routed and processed without manual intervention.

Switch understands JDF and XML. It can use these digital job tickets to automate validation, routing and make intelligent decisions about job processing.






Unify W2P, MIS and PoD


  • ​Preflight uploads coming from your storefront
  • Push storefront uploads to MIS for job creation
  • Get closer to lights out so you can keep the lights on
    • Onboarding
    • Preflight
    • Job creation
    • Softproofing
    • Release to production

Learn more about the Enfocus solutions for: Preflight and Softproofing.


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“It’s the difference in being able to do the work for profit or not being profitable at all. There are certain divisions of the company that we just wouldn’t be able to operate without it.”

Adam Seiz, Director of Process Improvement, Bennett Graphics