Tharstern Print MIS plugged-in to production


Integration with Enfocus Switch gives advantages to preflight and PDF approvals and has the powerful ability to make changes within the Tharstern database.

  • Bridges the gaps between MIS and workflow 
  • Reduces the need for human interaction 
  • Enhances job instructions
  • Maintains accurate job statuses 


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Connected by communication


Switch can amend job specifications in the Tharstern database to reflect changes made during preflight and approval.

  • Monitors multiple channels for incoming jobs
  • Can update milestones and create events within Tharstern
  • Change a job specification within the Tharstern database to ensure that the correct preflight process is selected
  • Enroll jobs in automated workflows based on predefined criteria




Enhanced functionality


  • Manage remote approvals with Enfocus Switch PDF Review Module
  • More accurate estimates using the Switch HP EPM Preflight Module
  • Precise preflight against job specifications
  • Process data from multiple storefronts


“It’s the difference in being able to do the work for profit or not being profitable at all. There are certain divisions of the company that we just wouldn’t be able to operate without it.”

Adam Seiz, Director of Process Improvement, Bennett Graphics



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