Automated web-to-print job receiving and verification 



The problem

Web-to-print front ends have become very common for today's modern printers as they look to open new markets or ease the customers' order experience. However, with a wide variety of production needs, there's still a gap between the "Web" and "Print", increasing production time and limiting the financial opportunity.


The Switch solution


Switch fills this gap by

  • Automating common production processes and helping to move files through production, quickly and error-free
  • Using the metadata generated by the web-to-print front end to verify if the job file matches the job specifications



  • Quick verification of new jobs and matching job specifications with no operator interaction
  • More operator time for more demanding work & customer service
  • Fewer errors by ensuring consistency through a standardized process
  • Faster turnaround time by moving files immediately to the right place
  • Improved communication by alerting operators when jobs are ready or problems are detected



Flow elements and modules used for this case 


Receiving jobs

Switch detects incoming PDF files and XML job specification files that are placed on the server by the web-to-print system.


Preparing jobs for quality control

The information in the XML file is picked up by the Metadata Module.

In this case, the XML contains

  • job number
  • trim page size (horizontal and vertical)
  • paper selection

The trim page size will be used in PitStop Server's Smart Preflight & Correction to verify that the job has the correct trim page size, and the paper selection will be used in a rule-based variable to determine the value for the ink coverage check.

In your production environment, this information can be expanded to include any useful production information, such as product type, color intent, quantities ordered, etc. 

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