Reporting Module

The Switch Reporting Module allows you to build custom dashboards to visualize your production.

This provides you an in-depth view of your live production. 

  • At each stage of the production workflow, job files can be monitored, in detail, via a fully customizable dashboard.
  • At any given moment, the company can quickly locate jobs and pinpoint bottlenecks.
  • Furthermore, the module also stores historical data for future reference, enabling continuous improvement and efficiency of the entire production.

 Dashboard examples


How it works

Follow these 5 easy steps to build your custom dashboards:

  1. Start by defining a number of logical stages in your Switch flows.
    For example: receiving, preflighting, converting, archiving, finishing.
  2. Create a new dashboard and add as many widgets as needed.
  3. Indicate which flows and stages to use as data sources for each of the widgets.
  4. Define the type of visualization (counter, chart, graph) for each widget.
  5. Select either real-time data or define a timeframe to visualize historical data.