New in PitStop Server


Speed improvements

Version 13 update 1 of PitStop Server includes new enhancements that improve the speed at which files are processed, giving users a faster way to get jobs through their organization.

Testing has shown that typical speed improvements are between 10-20%, with customers who use physical hard disks experiencing the biggest benefit.



Create and edit Action Lists directly in PitStop Server

PitStop Server 13 no longer requires PitStop Pro to create and edit Action Lists. You can now do it directly in the PitStop Server interface.



Packaging Preflight

PitStop Pro 13 update 2 supports the new upcoming ISO standard ISO/DIS 19593-1. With this ISO specification, the layers are not actually defined by their names, they are described by metadata that exists within the definition of the layer.

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Preflight restrictions

This is the most significant change to PitStop Preflight since it was created 15 years ago. PitStop Pro 13 will allow the checks and fixes included in a Preflight Profile to be limited to certain aspects of a PDF.

For example: a PDF page box, a certain page or several pages, a particular area or specific elements of a PDF, even different layers within a PDF file can each be checked in different ways, depending upon user requirements.

The options for customizing Preflight are now virtually endless.



Select inside contour (restriction)

The new Select Inside Contour feature of PitStop 13 update 1 builds on the concept of Preflight restrictions, giving packaging & label printers a way to select objects only within a defined shape, such as a dieline or a cutter guide.

The Preflight check will then only check objects that are within or overlapping that shape, ensuring that technical or other non-printing objects such as a legend are ignored.

Restriction Actions improve the accuracy and precision of checking what can be very complex PDF files, and reduce the amount of unnecessary warnings or errors generated.





Customizable Preflight messages

In PitStop 13, messages can be customized to reflect non-technical language that can include suggestions for corrections if necessary.

In addition, the Preflight messages can be translated into languages that are currently not supported by PitStop.



Automatic bleed generation

Our customers have reported that lack of bleed is still a major issue. We're pleased to announce that we've cracked that nut! PitStop 13 will automatically add bleed to PDF files!

  • It mirrors individual objects close to or cross the PDF box
    to create bleed
  • These objects are completely editable for manual adjustments
  • Bleed can be generated for multiple objects,
    or for complete pages and documents





Improvements to select page Action

Customers reported that the Select Pages Action had a limitation regarding the selection of pages from the end of a document. PitStop 13 update 1 resolves this limitation by giving the user the ability to select pages by counting from the back of the document.

A new function called “Nth Page” has also been added. An example would be a file that contains multiple four page sets, with corrections that need to be made on every fourth page. This is now possible.





New Preflight Profiles / Action Lists / functionality for default Action Lists

  • Add grommets and graphics

    PitStop 13 update 1 includes a greatly enhanced "add copied graphic" Action. One of the main uses for this feature is the placement of grommets for large format printing. This functionality can also be used to distribute a defined number of objects across an area, and enable a step and repeat type of functionality.

  • Crop images
    This new Action enables users to automatically delete any white border pixels from an image. This is particularly useful as it enables subsequent Actions to work on the size of visible objects.
  • Just make my office PDF work!
    The Preflight Profile assumes that the file will be incorrect due to its creating application. Then, with just one click, PitStop supplies the fixes the file needs in order to be printed correctly.

Other enhancements

  • Optional subscription licensing
  • Adobe Acrobat DC Support
  • Windows 10 and Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) support
  • PitStop Server CLI now has the ability to convert PDF files to JPEG and PNG images
  • This functionality is also available in Switch through a new configurator – PDF2Image – which is automatically installed with PitStop Server


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If you want every detail about new functionality in PitStop, check out the release notes of each release.