Standardize files prior to production

The problem

One of the advantages of automation is to create consistent, repeatable and reliable results on press. However, manually manipulated files and variances in procedures or personal techniques can lead to uncertainty.

Switch with a PitStop Server integration can make checks and fixes uniform, which ensures quality press-ready files with no surprises.




The Switch solution


With this solution, Switch has PitStop Server seamlessly integrated in the workflow to standardize jobs prior to prepress:

  • Jobs enter the flow by being dropped into a folder watched by Switch.
  • Using a PitStop Server, a standard page geometry is applied to jobs to ensure consistent bleed and media boxes based on trim. Other PitStop Server actions could be applied to embed fonts, add slug lines, uniform page rotation, etc.
  • The flow directs files to CMYK or one-color black PitStop Server configurators to ensure colors are converted as expected.
  • Lastly, the flow sets the job folder paths to place them on the file server according to date, customer, job type, etc.



  • Automates typical checks and fixes that every job must go through prior to production. 
  • Standardizes files going into prepress to reduce touches and make prepress more efficient.
  • Gives prepress more time to work on files that are complicated or require extra time process.



Flow elements and modules used for this case 


PitStop Server - integrates PitStop Server Preflight Profiles and Action Lists for automated PDF quality control and repair. Learn more.


Set hierarchy path - changes the job path hierarchy segments.

Archive hierarchy - sends jobs to a location using the job's hierarchy path.




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