PitStop2Switch: Out of the box PDF quality control and automation






PitStop2Switch brings powerful quality control and automation features to your PDF production process by:

  • Monitoring multiple file submission points, such as FTP servers, emails and network hot folders
  • Intelligently routing your files to PitStop Server for PDF Preflight and Correction
  • Fully automating delivery and archival of production files

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How PitStop2Switch makes your life easier


  • Save time
  • Increase productivity
  • Optimize and increase the quality of your PDF files
  • Standardize production
  • Reduce manual processes
  • Scalable
  • Customizable



Key features 

  • Easy set-up
  • Automated Preflight & correction of PDF files
  • Automated repurposing of PDF files
  • PDF transparency flattening
  • PDF Color Management
  • Automatic pickup/delivery from/to FTP
  • Automatic pickup/delivery from/to email
  • File sorting/routing/renaming/archiving
  • Split and merge PDF files
  • Zip and unzip directories


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