9 Jan 2019 by Piet De Pauw

Freebie alert! Check out the Enfocus Appstore

Stuck with a workflow challenge in Switch? It’s very possible that someone else has already found the solution and are sharing it through the Enfocus Appstore - and perhaps you can even get it for free! Catch a glimpse of the offerings here.

9 Jan 2019 by John Dean

The customer is king – but even kings can do with some education

If only your print business could thrive without customers, right? We hear you. Most printers’ customers don’t know a thing about printing, yet they do know they want to receive that picture-perfect job no later than yesterday. In fact, we believe the printing industry as a whole would be much happier with just a little customer education. Don’t know where to start? Just scroll on down!

9 Jan 2019 by Andrew Bailes-Collins

Did you know? Barcodes can be tiny job tickets

Like most manufacturing processes, print shops rely on job tickets. Despite the industry’s increasing focus on automation, however, a lot of printers still use paper tickets that travel through the process with the job. Are you one of those printers and are you fed up with tickets getting misplaced or lost? Enfocus now has the perfect solution in store. 

9 Jan 2019 by Toon Van Rossum

File onboarding can be a mess. Unless…

As you know, there are many pitfalls involved when it comes to customers sending you their files. Do you want a way out of this mess of email, FTP and W2P/MIS? Look no further (but do read on).

18 Dec 2018 by John Dean

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!

Who doesn’t like a heart-warming tale this time of year?

7 Dec 2018 by Andrew Bailes-Collins

Soft proofing: the browser is where the magic happens!

Soft proofing is nothing new. Most print customers are used to proofing jobs by email and find it pretty convenient to boot. Sure, they may have some questions or remarks regarding color accuracy or what might happen to their layers in the RIP. But for the most part – and this is especially true in the case of digital print – customers are comfortable giving printers the green light based on what they see in a PDF soft proof. However, there are some bees in the prepress bonnet when it comes to administering soft proofs via email. Is it time for a browser-based alternative? Yes! And it already exists, fancy that. Read on to discover all about the Enfocus PDF Review Module.