Turn time-consuming tasks into an automated workflow

Think about how much time it takes to create, check, convert, print and archive all kinds of documents. Take into account the time you spend checking the status of a job and communicating about it with clients.

Automating these tasks frees up your time, so you can focus on what really matters: delivering services to your customers which you can actually charge for.



How you can let Switch do the work for you



Receiving, sorting and routing incoming jobs

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Automated PDF quality control with manual correction cycle

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Convert native layout documents to print-ready PDF files

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Automated web-to-print job receiving and verification

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Automated GWG ad ticket verification


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6 myths about automation debunked






"Implementing automation is time-consuming"

Enfocus Switch is built around the concept of gradual, stepped implementation that starts with one or two production "pain points" that can be tackled quickly.

Once these issues have been successfully addressed, you can take on more complex workflow automation challenges.

Gradual implementation is the key to your success!





"Automation is complicated"

It doesn't have to be! While Switch is incredibly sophisticated, setting up flows is easy for novice and advanced users.

However, if you feel uncomfortable as your automation projects grow in complexity, you can always rely on our Certified Partners: experts who implement automation projects on a regular basis and know how to tailor Switch to work best in your unique production environment.





"Automation will make me lose my job"

Every company is confronted with dull, non-value-added tasks, such as the work related to receiving, sorting and routing files to the right person.

When you choose to automate those mind-numbing tasks in your company, your team will be able to spend more time on ways to differentiate your company from competition. Focus on value-added tasks: invest in customer service or develop new services.

At Enfocus we believe it is important to work smarter, not harder.






"Automation is not flexible"

On the contrary! Modular automation is like a box of building blocks, allowing you to build precisely what you need.

You don’t have to change your way of working to find a solution. Because Switch is an open automation platform, it can easily be linked to your existing tools and databases.





"Automation is expensive"

Most production automation solutions are big, complex, proprietary and pricey.

Fortunately, Switch is an economical alternative that lets you implement only the functionality you need, minimizing the investment requirements.

In addition, Switch enables you to take full advantage of your software as well as your employees' skills in using them.







"Automation is only for big companies"

We made automation affordable and accessible for small companies & shops.

Benefit greatly by automating the most basic & simple repetitive tasks, which are often the ones you don't think of when implementing automation!