Order data and status notifications for MIS

The problem

Accuracy in printed jobs is only as good as the information about the job. Getting job data into production alongside the job files is crucial.

Switch creates communication between MIS and production. Job data does not need manual entry and notifications get back MIS to maintain relevant job status.




The Switch solution


With this solution, Switch ensures that instructions from an MIS are adhered to and status is returned:

  • MIS places jobs onto FTP and Switch retrieves the jobs which are a PDF and associated XML file
  • Switch matches the PDF to the XML instructions and maintains the metadata throughout the flow
  • The job is renamed as required by production, using job metadata, and a JSON message is sent back to MIS to update status using a custom script
  • PitStop Server is used to preflight the job based on metadata from MIS, then a JSON is sent back to MIS with preflight pass/fail status using a custom script
  • Jobs that pass preflight are routed further into the flow to production



  • Switch opens communication from your MIS to your workflow, without the need for manual entry of job specifications.
  • Switch dynamically associates data with a job as it is being processed, giving previously unconnected systems the ability to talk back.
  • With Switch serving as the workflow pipeline, job files are automatically evaluated, and decisions are made for processing according to MIS data.
  • Errors that can occur during hand-keyed data entry are removed.



Flow elements and modules used for this case 


Scripting module - Integrate with everything using custom scripts. Learn more.

Metadata module - Make use of job data to automate decision making. Learn more.

PitStop Server - integrates PitStop Server Preflight Profiles and Action Lists for automated PDF quality control and repair. Learn more.

XML Pickup - associates an XML file, as metadata, with a job file.

Rename job - provides mechanisms for renaming jobs.



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