Automated PDF quality control with a manual correction cycle


The problem

Before going to print, PDF files need to be checked for errors. If there are errors, an experienced operator needs to fix them. Not all files contain errors. Manually checking them takes a lot of time from operators.




The Switch solution


With this solution, Switch has PitStop Server seamlessly integrated in the workflow:

  • Incoming PDF files are checked automatically
  • If an error occurs, an operator is alerted allowing him/her to look at the file and edit or correct the file before submitting it back into the flow for further production
  • Files that do not cause any problems and pass the quality control step are moved directly to production, so that the operator does not need to spend any time on them





  • Operator intervention is only needed when it adds value
  • For files that need review, the right person is automatically notified 
  • Easy access to files with problems, allowing correcting and resubmitting to production without losing track of them



Let's dive in: flow elements and modules used for this case 


PDF quality control with PitStop Server

The Configurator Module seamlessly integrates PitStop Server into the workflow to automatically check the quality of incoming PDF files.

Operator review

The "Operator review" Checkpoint is a stop in the flow. This allows the PDF files to wait there until someone looks at them and decides what to do.

Using the SwitchClient module, the operator sees a list of all jobs that have failed the quality control.

These PDF files can be opened directly in Adobe Acrobat where you can use PitStop Pro to make corrections. Afterwards you can resubmit the corrected file back into production.



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